I am Angelica Teran. 
Since I have memory, I started to see the world in a different way. To see the people, the colors, the way that the people communicate with each other, the body language and the way that the people live and I love it because I use it to create. 

I’m a creative mind, with all the sense of the words. I don’t only think in the design to see it “Beautiful” NO. I think in the costumer, I think in the connotations of the colors and how the people will feel the content with my graphics. I think in the objectives, the needs of the users and why I supposed to communicate that to the people. I like to adjust my style to the brands, I like create with purpose: What I mean with this? I don’t like develop wrong things to the brands. I love bring things different, innovative and creatives to the brands that I work for. I’m not a traditional designer, I like to make the difference. That’s why I’m learning everyday about everything, I think that the designers should know about everything to create and be more effective with the content.